TKT-Teaching Knowledge Test

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TKT-Teaching Knowledge Test

TKT is taken as a series of multiple-choice tests. There are five modules that can be taken in any order or combination:

Core modules:

A test of knowledge about the principles and practice of English language teaching.

  • Module 1 – Background to language learning and teaching
    This module tests candidates’ knowledge of terms and concepts common in English language teaching. It also focuses on the factors underpinning the learning of English and knowledge of the range and functions of the choices teachers have at their disposal to cater for these learning factors.
  • Module 2 – Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching
    This module focuses on what teachers consider and do while planning their teaching. It also considers the linguistic and methodological reference resources that are available to guide teachers in their lesson planning.
  • Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process
    This module tests teachers’ knowledge of what happens in the classroom in terms of the language used by the teacher or learners, the roles the teacher can fulfil, and the ways in which the teacher can manage and exploit classroom events and interactions.

Course Description

TKT is a series of modular tests. You can take each module individually and decide how and when you take the tests. You can take the modules in any order you like, and in any combination, which allows you to tailor the qualification to your needs.


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