Professional Laptop Repairing Course

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Professional Laptop Repairing Course

professional laptop repairing course in Kandy.

classes will be conducted as small group classes.
for more details contact 0772222569


Course Description

Introduction To Basic Electronic

1. Behavior of Electrons.

  • Definition of a current
  • Difference between voltage and current

2. Passive devices Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors

  • What is a Resistor ?
  • Parallel and series resistance
  • Type of resistors and application
  • Chip Resistor and coding system
  • Capacitance and application of capacitors
  • Types of capacitors and applications
  • Multi-Layer ceramic capacitors
  • Type of inductors and applications
  • Chip Inductors

SMD Reworking And Soldering Technique

1. Introduction to tools and techniques.
2. Particles.

  • DE soldering resistor , capacitor , IC
  • Soldering SMD devices.

Measuring Equipment’s

1. Multi meter

  1. Current , DC /AC Voltage measurement
  2. Check connectivity
  3. Check Capacitance

2. Oscilloscope

  1. Basic Functions

3. Practical

 Laptop Troubleshooting

Introduction To Computer Organization & Architecture.
  • Function of a computer
  • Computer System Organization
  • Block Diagram of general purpose Computer.
  • Address Bus, Data Bus, and Control Bus architecture.
Mother Board Schematics:

1. Diagram Reading.

  1. Block Diagram.
  2. Schematic Diagram

2. Identify components.

  1. Identify components and compare with schematic diagrams

3. Reading test point voltages.

  1. Power Supply voltages.
  2. Test point voltages of internal devices

4. Test point voltage

Power Distribution Module.

1. Charging and battery paths
2. Voltage regulation
3. Test point Voltages
4. Power flow diagram
5. Power start up procedure
6. Trouble shooting of no power faults

Display Technology.

1. LCD/LED Display
2. Process of data transfer to display
3. Data cable schematics
4. Back lights and inverters
5. Graphical Processing Units.
6. Architecture of GPU
7. GPU Related Errors.
8. Replacing GPU.

Memory Technology

1. Type of Memory modules.
2. Memory organization.
3. Memory related errors.
4. Trouble shooting memory related errors.

I/O Interfaces.

1. Audio interface.
a. Internal circuit and trouble shooting.
2. USB.
3. HDMI/ firewire
4. Bluetooth
5. Wi-Fi
6. Rj45

Laptop Firmware

1. BIOS Program
2. BIOS Configuration.

OS Installation Related Troubleshooting.


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