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Whether you are an experienced teacher or just about to start your career in Teaching, We can help you become a successful professional. Our Teacher Training programmes are specially designed to meet your professional needs.

We one of the largest providers of initial and continuous professional development programmes for Teacher in the fields of Early Childhood education, Montessori Teacher Training(AMI) and Child Psychology.


Course Description

Course Modules                                                                                      

Module1: Care of the Child                                                                                                                           

  • Awareness of Child Development
  • Awareness of Health and Nutrition

Module2: Holistic Development of the child                                                                     

  • Development of Psycho-motor Skills
  • Development of Aesthetic Skills
  • Development of Language Skills
  • Development of Mathematical Skills
  • Development of Environmental Studies
  • Development of Religion and Cultural Awareness
  • Promote social and emotional development of the child

Module3: Teaching Methodology

  • Awareness of the role of a Teacher
  • Techniques and importance of the usage of Teaching Aids
  • Lesson Planning

Module4: Classroom Management

  • Awareness of a productive classroom atmosphere
  • Managing classroom / student records
  • Awareness of teacher/parent and student interaction

Awareness of working with children with Special Needs

Development of First Aid Skills

Practical Teaching Component


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